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Since 1994, our company has specialised in the real estate, the design and the construction of many houses, ranging from charming holiday cottages to grand, luxury villas with swimming pools and many sizes in between.
We also build hotels and many different types of tourist accommodation.

Our office is situated in the heart of Corfu Town and all our partners and personnel are highly skilled, speaking several European languages including Greek, English, Italian, German and French.

Theodoros Karametos was born on Corfu in 1967 and qualified in civil engineering at the University of Patras in 1994. He has gained an enviable reputation for the construction of the finest quality homes at realistic prices and he has earned the trust of our clients, all of whom are delighted with their homes.

There testimonials speak for themselves  and our clients are all pleased to recommend our company.
The building plots are easily accessible, as it has ample frontage to a common use road and they are or can get easily connected to all utility networks (power, water, telephone).

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Vlacherena Monastery Corfu

Vlacherena Monastery Corfu

Corfu or Kerkyra (Κέρκυρα in greek) is rightly called the pearl of the Ionian Islands.

The most north-westerly of the Greek islands, it offers a temperate climate, with no abrupt changes in temperature, which is ideal to all. Planted with more than 4 million olive trees, it is the greenest island in the Mediterranean. It has a unique landscape in general, and in particular the beaches.

Along the entire coastline of the island of Corfu (Kerkyra), whose length is 217 km is scattered a huge variety of beaches. You can meet sandy beaches, beaches with fine and coarse gravel and rocky beaches. There are beaches with warm water almost all year round or with icy-cold water even in August. The natural landscape surrounding the beaches also varies – this may be green valleys or cliffs.

Corfu Old Fortress and the sailing club of Corfu

Corfu town

Old Fortress and the sailing club of Corfu