About Us

We are the only real estate agents specialised in plots in Corfu

Sea view and privacy are some of the key features of our plots.

We offer the best plots in Corfu, most of them exclusively, at an amazing price

Our deep and thorough knowledge of the field is guaranteed by our experience as civil engineers and constructors for over 25 years.

We cover most of the island. North, Middle or South, sandy or rocky beach, sunset or sunrise, you can enjoy it from your dream house.

We can satisfy all your requirements so you can get a great property in Corfu.

Furthermore our plots have been thoroughly checked regarding the building possibility, building area, positioning of the building, orientation or any other question that comes up.

We have a plot for you.

Just let us know of your needs!

Our fee is 2% from the buyer and our minimum fee is 2.500 Euro.