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What the international newspapers wrote about the death of Prince Phillip

To those unwilling to analyse the dynastic blood that coursed through his veins, the duke was always Phil the Greek, though there was probably not one corpuscle of Hellenic origin. Danish, definitely, with Russian and German too. But the only thing tangibly Greek when he was exiled from Corfu in an orange box aged 18…

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Allowing flights to the Greek Islands for German tourists from 1 July

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke of the way in which Greece was able to contain the coronavirus pandemic in an interview with the German newspaper Bild. He also explained the Government’s plan to safely reopen the country to visitors from abroad. “We are a positive example and that gives people a sense of certainty and…

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Chalikounas Beach – one of the safest beaches in Europe for this summer ?

Two beaches of Greece on the list of 10 safest destinations in Europe for this summer.  The one is in Preveza (beach of Monolithi) and the other is in Corfu Island (Chalikounas beach). Chalikounas beach is located on the South Western side of Corfu and it is a huge sandy beach with lake Korission near…

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